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January 9, 2019
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February 16, 2019

Order automated monitoring and take down Telegram piracy!


Messenger Telegram growing up, now more than 100 Millions users around the world using it.

It has the ability to publish and share media files. Then many Internet pirates have become involved in publishing movies, series, music, e-books and software in public groups, also advertising their website for downloading links to the same products, but on its pirated website.

telegram report piracy

Thousands of files sharing internet pirates daily.

Some internet pirates already publish content automatically, allowing for faster and more content to be published. We observe this situation and of course we report telegram team about the copyright infringing content that we protect and they delete it. But we still see how the number of channels and the number of published files dynamically increase; it is multiplied every day by 2 or 3 times.
Those groups that was sreated half a year ago already have several groups and advertise each new group to those already created, thereby increasing their popularity. In some groups, the popularity reaches half a million subscribers!

telegram pirated movies


Why the internet piracy so popular in Telegram? Becouse more and more people using smartphones and tablets, so can watch/download and share content faster and easier. For PC users available Telegram desktop version with the same functions as smartphone messenger.

Telegram block channel

The Telegram team blocking copyright infringing material with two ways: for App Store and Google Play Market. In some cases we report DMCA infringement, but support team blocked pirated content only for iOS users, but for Android and PC it is still available. So if your content was stolen and shared in Telegram groups you must be attentive when you check deleted content after DMCA reporting.

Order automated monitoring and take down Telegram piracy!