What can you offer?
We can offer anti-piracy monitor and removal solutions for everyone, from big companies to freelancers around the world.

You can fully delegate to our experts the monitor and removal process for maximum efficiency and tracking the process online in our cloud based system; You will get the maximum possible speed and removal efficiency and no time spent on this process.

if you don’t find anything relates – let’s make individual request

How do you remove piracy content?
We locate piracy via keyword scans Google, Bing, Yandex, automated crawling of known piracy sites, and deep manual searches performed by our experts. Our scanners operate 24/7, and all links are verified by our system up to 3 times daily. When our system find your work being shared, we issue a takedown notice to the site (also known as a DMCA Notice). The site is then legally obliged to remove the file and/or page.
How long does it take to remove an infringing file?
Most often, pirated websites delete copyright infringing files within 24 hours. Our combination of finding qualified personnel and specially crafted monitoring tools allows us to detect new leaks within hours (or minutes) after publication and take action. We actively apply deletion from any site that does not prohibit access to infringing files for a maximum of 48 hours, although this happens extremely rarely.
What if website ignores a takedown notice?
With a 5 year and very active and enthusiastic experience in the forefront of the fight against piracy, we have established relationships with thousands of large file sharing networks and have instant access to most of the most destructive sites. However, in rare cases, the site may try to ignore or avoid deletion. In this case, you can see not deleted content in our platform, or we can provide them to you together with IP addresses, ISP contacts, to go to court. In all cases, we will remove the offending pages from Google search results, reducing public access to the site.
How much does it cost to use Axghouse AntiPiracy solutions?
All campaigns are priced individually to ensure maximum value for money. All prices are indicated in the “Solutions” section and for each product a different price, but if you have not found it, do not despair – contact us and share more details of your release, we will be happy to assist you.
Is it possible to refund?
No, 99% of customers are satisfied, so we do not practice refunds. More about this


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