What can you offer?
We can offer anti-piracy monitor and removal solutions for everyone, from online users to big companies around the world.

There are two options:

  1. Scan and take down. You can fully delegate to our experts the monitor and removal process for maximum efficiency and tracking the process online in our cloud based system; You will get the maximum possible speed and removal efficiency and no time spent on this process.
  2. Take down only, without scan. You deliver the links to the platform for automatic WHOIS and send takedown notices to ISP, domain registrar, website admin and Google delist.

if anything meet your criteria – let’s make individual request

Can you guarantee 100% removal?
We can not guarantee removal, since we don’t have direct access to reported files, our system just reporting to site admin and associated companies responsible for the unauthorized content based on whois data and contacts provided on reported website. Sometimes take down process taking 24h, but in some cases more than 14 days.

We doing our best to deliver reports immediately and get instant removal, that’s why our company is Trusted Google partner, Cloudflare and many others.

How much does it cost to use Axghouse AntiPiracy solutions?
All campaigns are priced individually to ensure maximum value for money. All prices are indicated in the “Solutions” section and for each product a different price, but if you have not found it, do not despair – contact us and share more details of your release, we will be happy to assist you.
Is it possible to refund?
We deliver quality and 99.9 % of customers are satisfied, so we do not practice refunds. More about this
May I track the scan and take down process?

Sure, once you placed the order we’ll send you credentials and link to cloud platform to track the process of scanning and take down results with deep analytics.

May I add links to platform manually?

Yes, each an account has possibility to add links, if you do not have one, just contact to

Which links may I add?

In case of unauthorized shared content and copyright infringement you have to add direct links to content, eg

But if you reporting link page that contain your own copyrighted image, you have to input page URL address.

In case of trademark infringement or impersonator report, possible to add link to group or channel

Usually one project make possible to report only one infringement type, either copyright or trademark/impersonator. Take care to avoid ‘fair use‘ links adding.

NB! Added links should appear unauthorized shared content and be available.

Please note that if you add links that violate the rules, our moderators may refuse report them and suspend your account without refund.

What if reported link delisted from Google but still not deleted in source?

We’re sending all required notices to site admin and internet service providers, but in some cases admins of pirate sites using copyright ignore servers to avoid content blocking. That’s why we’re delisting links from Google results, more than 95% users find the content using Google search engine, so it’s most effective solution in case content not deleted in source

What if you reported or delisted from Google legal website
Our automatic search system found 99.9% only real unauthorized shared links, in some cases it may find legal websites that meet the same criteria as pirates/ torrents that why we practice human verification, but in 1 case from 500,000 links that may happen.

If we reported your fully legal website, and you believe it not contain any unauthorized shared materials then please contact our stuff will contact to your ISP/domain registrar to cancel notification sent.

In case link to your website was delisted from Google results also please contact then our team reinstate delisted URL asap

Finally, if methods above not helpful and you still believe your website not violate copyright/ trademark or another issue we reported about then you may submit counter notification to Google by the following link

How to cancel subscription?
To cancel subscription please send an email to, mention in subject the following information: cancel subscription – project id. Send cancellation request from email associated with your account. Please note, cancellation request valid only before next auto renew.