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January 9, 2019
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How to submit a counter notification to Google?

How to submit a counter notification to Google?

The United States ‘Digital Millennium Copyright Act’ (DMCA) contains regulations that limit the liability of Internet service providers in case of violation of copyright law. 512 (g) (2-3) US Law on the Copyright in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or other regulatory legal acts. After reviewing the resulting document, Google can recover the deleted materials.

google counter notice

You must provide the information in the link below. If you are responsible for the damage (including legal fees and compensation to lawyers). If you are not sure that the disputed material is violated, the copyrights of others are recommended to first contact a lawyer.


Attention! In accordance with paragraph 512 (g) (2-3), the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), when submitting counter notifications using web forms or using your contact information, will be communicated to those who filed the original complaint.

Submit the counter notification

The review process usually takes several days, then Google forward the counter notification to the complainant. If Google do not receive notice that the complainant has brought a court action within 10 business days, they will reinstate URLs.

In this case, you will receive such a message:

Google counter notification