Privacy Policy / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

When filling in the order form, feedback or contact form, Axghouse Antipiracy (next – the Company) saving the personal information and all information about the purchases made about the Client.

All data received from the customer during the order processing process is considered by the Company personal data of the Client and processed as confidential information in accordance with the Law on Processing Personal Data for better procurement planning and analysis of consumer habits. The Company has the right to publish on its website information containing the Client’s logo, indicators of content removal efficiency, which is already available in open sources including Google Transparency, if this is not prohibited by an additional agreement.

In order to send relevant and personalized notifications to you (push notifications), we would like to capture your location and website activity.

The Company does not transfer any of the received data to third parties, except for the minimum necessary to provide quality services. The client has the right to view the data at the disposal of the seller, as well as to prohibit their further processing.

All disagreements that occur between the client and the seller are resolved through negotiations.

The Company responds to Customer complaints and complaints by email within 10 working days. In the event that disagreements can not be resolved by reaching a compromise, the Client has the right to apply to protect the interests of the Consumer Protection Board or the Tallinn City Court. All disputes arising as a result of a lack of agreement or unregulated by these terms and conditions shall be settled on the basis of legislative acts in force in the Republic of Estonia.

October 11th 2019

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