Link shortener taken down due to copyright infringement
March 25, 2021
Google play store takedown
Z-library App taken down in Google Play store
August 4, 2021

Leader in blocking unauthorized content in Telegram

According to Google Transparency our company is in the TOP-3 companies by the number of links reported due to DMCA and unauthorized content in Telegram from early 2020 to mid-2021.
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Among clients:
– Film companies, VoD content creators, distributors and streaming platforms
– Video game creators
– Publishers
– Famous persons and models

It makes no difference for us what language the content is in, with great pleasure and a high level of accuracy we will find unauthorized video content, films, TV shows, private videos both on popular open telegram channels, as well as private ones, as well as telegram bots that offer access to unauthorized content or infringes on trademark rights. If a telegram channel or bot uses your brand name and logo, this is a potential threat to the uniqueness of your content. In some cases, telegram channels position themselves as official and sell your content or provide it for free earning money on advertising using the popularity of your copyright works.

We have successfully blocked 500+ illegal telegram bots, 5+ thousand links and 500+ telegram channels.

Previously, blocking worked only for Apple devices, which did not represent a significant effect for copyright holders, although it reduced the popularity and redirection of users to legal and official channels. But over time, the Telegram team began to block unauthorized content, the service for blocking pirated content has become more in demand, since Telegram is developing very quickly on the messenger market and has almost no competitors in its niche.

Currently, the number of users is multiplying every day, which attracts the interest of users to create channels, bots distributing materials of different directions, so now is the time to seriously start creating your own official Telegram channel and block other illegal ones that use your intellectual property rights or private photos, videos, thus redirecting users to your official resource.

Moreover, you are dealing with a company that is firmly in the TOP-3 from 2020 to 2021. We have effective experience and have been blocking illegal content from first unauthorized Telegram channels, so we know what to do with it.

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