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Z-library Telegram bot not working due to taken down
March 21, 2021
Telegram DMCA
Leader in blocking unauthorized content in Telegram
May 8, 2021

Link shortener shorthis.me taken down due to copyright infringement

We are currently protecting content for a majors Italian publishers. As a result of protection, the hosting provider completely blocked the link shortener shorthis.me, thanks to which Internet pirates saved direct download links. Also, one of the most popular Italian pirate site libri.tel which does not block content upon notification of the copyright holder, used these link shorteners. As a result, its users will not be able to download illegally posted e-books in the near future.

Although the website used a Cloudflares proxy, anyway we reach out to direct ISP. Web admins of link shortener does not answer on ISP requests as result IP has been blocked.

In accordance with simialrweb.com shorthis.me has good rank and around 227K monthly visitors.