Oleksandr Honcharenko – Owner/CEO

Axghouse as started as a hobby in 2014. The owner of the company received a master’s degree in the Professional on Intertelectual Property, and even in the process of learning he was looking for himself in this area and relevant. And in 2014, the site started, which offered free protection of music content to novice musicians, artists, and also participated in stopping the online sales of counterfeit goods.
Then in 2015 we started developing further and began to cooperate with the creator and copyright owner of the TV show, which gave us a jerk and we began to expand the scope of activities and video content, software, video games, publishing content and other.
In 2017, was registered a company AXGHOUSE ANTIPIRACY OÜ and began developing automated search tools for content monitoring and reporting.
In 2018, we launched an online platform that automatically monitors pirated content and sends DMCA requests for removal.
In 2019, we are developing an affiliate network, our first official partner and reseller – Viskont Consulting, Munich, Germany. Also we keep improving our technologies and open to collaborate with new partners.




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