Dear Partner,

We have developed an automatic and convenient system for monitoring and deleting pirated content. This applies to almost any type of content, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, music, audio books, software, video games, e-books, magazines, art content, adult and more, as well as counterfeit goods. We are constantly working to improve our technologies, they are modern and effective. We are always open to new developments, including joint and on your requests.

antipiracy cooperation

Currently, the platform allows our team to work protecting the content of our clients, and work for you in it. We can provide you with an account, with which you can easily protect the content of your clients automatically, quickly and cheaply.


And so at the moment, we are ready to offer you several options for cooperation:
– you can resell our services and receive from 5% of the transaction amount
– you can independently use the platform to protect the content of your Customers
– you can order the development of new functions individually for you

For more information, contact us.