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February 16, 2019
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October 31, 2019


New messenger with function sharing files his name is imo!imo messenger report piracyreport piracy imo messenger

Telegram is a first most technological messenger its a fact. But we track creation new messenger Imo that also sharing unauthorized movies and has own movie database you can find by movie title or imdb ID by the following link

How did we find link to unauthorized movie? Through Telegram movie channel that redirect us to the movie link after click you have to install app to your device then you can watch movie online.

Imo messenger give you opportunity to watch movies online in your app, share and download files, so according to our estimates, this is a new contender for the leadership in pirate groups distributing pirated content after the Telegram.

Two reasons why the growing popularity of pirate groups in instant messengers is inevitable:

1.The development and using of high-speed mobile 5G networks;

2.Convenience and mobility of content consumption.

Finally, if you want to track and remove your unauthorized shared content let us know, we will help you right away!