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Who may replace Z-library in 2023? Publishing anti-piracy review

Z-Library is a digital library that provides free access to books, articles, and other documents. However, many of the items available on the site are copyrighted material that has been uploaded without permission, making it a pirate website. The legality of accessing and using such material on the site varies by jurisdiction, but it is generally considered illegal in most countries.zlibrary publishing anti piracy

If you’re not subscribed on anti-piracy services to scan and send removal requests to deleted unauthorized content in Z-library, the material may continue to be available on the site and accessible to others. This could result in potential legal liability for both Z-Library and anyone who accesses or downloads the copyrighted material. Copyright holders may take legal action against those who infringe on their intellectual property rights, which could result in legal fees, damages, and other penalties. Additionally, accessing or downloading copyrighted material without permission may also expose you to computer viruses or malware that could damage your computer or compromise your personal information. Also almost all publishers have had, or could potentially have, significant financial loss due to related free library website.

When Z-library websites lived as 1lib.to, 1lib.eu. it1lib.org and tons of others mirrors we sent copyright enforcement notices which are accepted and action taken.

For most Z-library domains (lib.limited , 1lib.site , 1lib.to , 1lib.cloud and others) focused on German, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, UK and US publishers we are No.1 according to Google stat who sent reports to Google. As result delisted copyright infringing links from search results. For most of other mirrors we are TOP-5 position even considering that we are protecting much less publishers and titles than our competitors.

Now the more publishers will subscribe to our anti-piracy service, then we can report more unauthorized content to minimize number of pirate links in google results and across the global web, cyberlockers and Telegram messenger.


publishing anti piracy

So, who is new player and can replace Z-library?

We’ve found website which by structure closely match to z-library and 1lib mirrors. They also creating same subdomains for language website versions as it was in last Z-library version. Example uk.1lib.to (instead of ua.1lib.to), ja.1lib.to (instead of jp.1lib.to) it’s applied for new website. However maybe it’s just a same plug-in. But that doesn’t change the core of the problem. For last weeks it’s created new second domain. Google indexing new domain with subdomains. It’s looks like same promotional model as Z-library.

We wont display here URL address to avoid promotion, but the name of website is annas-archive.

Current difference between Z-library and web free library website is downloading from third party services, like Cloudflare IPFS, Pinata IPFS and IPFS.io, but not from Z-library server as before. Fortunately, all of these services successfully processing copyright enforcement notices, so it’s making anti-piracy service more efficient together with Google delist.



What is IPFS?ipfs anti piracy

PFS, or InterPlanetary File System, is a protocol and network designed to create a peer-to-peer method for storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system. It was created by Juan Benet and initially released in 2015.

IPFS is built on the idea of a decentralized web, where files are stored on a distributed network of computers rather than centralized servers. In IPFS, files are stored as content-addressed blocks, and each block is given a unique hash that can be used to retrieve the file from any computer in the network that has a copy. IPFS provides a number of benefits over traditional web protocols like HTTP. One of the biggest benefits is that files stored in IPFS can be accessed even if the original source of the file is offline. Because files are stored on a distributed network, there is no central point of failure.


Libgen mirrors as also worth mentioning however it is also using IPFS download links described above. But libgen still live using new and new domains.

Eurekaddl – one more potentially high ranked free library website, which constantly creating new subdomains and live long time ago. NB! not https://eurekaddl.it/ – it’s fully legit, our article about pirate websites which using same design, styles and similar domains. All of them contain easybytez cyberlockers which are accepting copyright infringing notices and deleting content. Also we are No.1 according to Google stat who submitted most links then others to Google to delist Eurekaddl’s copyright infringing links from search results. So we cover most of possible risks for our clients.

Learn more about our Publishing Anti-Piracy service https://axghouse.com/p/publishing-e-learning-anti-piracy-service/