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October 25, 2021
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February 21, 2022

Our automated platform has been scanning and sending requests to remove unauthorized content on Telegram since 2017.

Recently, the geography of our users began to expand, so now the focus is on the content in Arabic, and that’s what we opened. It was the administrators of the Arab channels for TV series and films that launched this feature. To prevent the blocking of video movie posts or download links, the admins of the Telegram groups began to change the channel URL with high frequency. As a result, while the Telegram DMCA going to block the post, it’s no longer available since changed URL address, while the content remains available to the channel’s subscribers.

Let’s consider an example:

Telegram DMCA

Before changing the channel URL:

In the Telegram app when opening a link, the message “User not found” is now displayed

At the moment, the redirect from the old channel to the new one has not been implemented, and it is impossible to find a new channel any way except to bu subscribed.
As a result the channels with unauthorized movies and series continue living without any problems. Users previously subscribed to the channel remain subscribed.

We have already informed Telegram DMCA team about an issue
So now waiting for an answer, will update this post soon.


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