Rutor’s mirror blocked due anti-piracy protection of Heads & Tails travel show
September 4, 2020
anti piracy removal
TOP-50 Pirate Sites for 2020 by AXGHOUSE ANTIPIRACY
January 15, 2021

Removal pirate movies from Filmai.in – possible

During our anti-piracy protection of the The Personal History of David Copperfield movie (Lithuanian version is Asmeninė Deivido Coperfieldo istorija), only one illegal streaming website left to delete copyrighted movie, this website is filmai.in

filmai.inthe most popular illegal streaming website in Lithuania, mostly do NOT delete any content due copyright infringement requests copyright holders and authorized agents.


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Content before take down:

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Content after taken down:

Please note, we don’t have access to files or web-site pages, all removal results received due copyright infringing notices sent behalf of copyright holders.