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June 11, 2020
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July 4, 2020

How to take down pirate / private content on Telegram? Automatic service

Did you find unauthorized content in a private or public Telegram channel? No problem, it’s possible to block it in the source and remove it from Google search results.

How it works?

We have an automatic solution that can track new unauthorized links containing copyrighted content and report it to remove the content / block the channel, as well as remove from Google search to block the content from public access.

Removing can be divided into lock on all devices, or separately on the Windows Desktop version, Android and Apple devices. Previously, the most effective was to remove only Apple devices using the digital store and their iTunes Content Dispute procedure. The process took from 1 to 7 days. But the minus of this approach was the lack of blocking the post or the entire channel / group for other devices. Since in some cases neither the Google Play Market nor the Telegram team took any action to block potentially illegal content.

Since June 2020, we noticed changes in the work of the Telegram DMCA team, it does not completely block the entire channel, namely the post, which contains supposedly illegal content.

Below you can see an example of blocking a post violating copyright:

Thus, we can confirm that Telegram works with copyright holders and their representatives, and this efficiency is increasing as a result of which the content is blocked for all Android devices, Apple and Desktop versions.

At the moment, our company occupies the TOP-3 position in terms of the number of links sent to Google for content infringing copyright in the Telegram messenger.

Automatic service includes:

– Daily monitoring of open Telegram channels, groups and bots. In some cases, and private chats and groups.

– Automatic collection of direct links to illegal videos, torrent files, audio recordings, images.

– Automatically send requests to remove content in the source and from Google search.

– You will also get access to the platform for tracking the process online.

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