TOP-50 Pirate Sites for 2019 by AXGHOUSE ANTIPIRACY
December 25, 2019
Lithuanian pirate websites fulfill copyright requests
June 11, 2020
TOP-50 Pirate Sites for 2019 by AXGHOUSE ANTIPIRACY
December 25, 2019
Lithuanian pirate websites fulfill copyright requests
June 11, 2020

Thousands of new mirrors of Russian torrents and streaming

At the beginning of 2020, we can safely say that auto-piracy sites have already moved to a new level. Pirated sites and torrents increase the number of mirrors every day, and a significant part of them are automatically filled. The use of artificial intelligence in the IT sphere is also reflected in the Internet piracy market, which increases purely pirated content and the speed of its distribution.

Our article deals specifically with mirrors and technologies for increasing the occupancy of site links in search engines, we want to report that more and more sites increase the number of their mirrors. What is it for? In order not to lose traffic after removing the link from Google search results by copyright holders or their legal representatives. And so, after removing several links from one site, their mirrors with a similar name instantly fall into their place. Here are some examples:

  • Legendary torrent tracker

Currently, more than 10,000 mirrors / copies of the rutor site have been discovered. (Among them:,,, arni.barruto,,,,, dec.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rutor.proxybit. surf,,,,,,,,,, and so on)

  • Online cinema

More than 500 mirrors / copies of the zfilm-hd website

have been discovered (Among them:,,,, zfilm-hd777. xyz,,,,,, e.zfilm-hd69. top,,,,,, e.zfilm-hd9. top,,,,,,,,,,,, w.zfilm-online-6 .site,,,,,, w and so on)

Recall that a few years earlier, Russian-language pirate sites used technologies that automatically changed the URL address in a link that was removed from the Google index according to the DMCA law. This replacement occurred in several formats:

  • Change the number in the URL.

For example, http: //ww1.onlinestreaming.test/drama/1235-movie-1.html, after removal, the link changed its appearance to http: //ww1.onlinestreaming.test/drama/1235-movie-2.html and so on.

  • Change date in URL

This link format began its practice among TV-shows, and when the page was updated and a new issue or series was added, the URL changed the date. Then this technology improved and dates began to change every day. An example of such a link: http: //ww1.onlinestreaming.test/drama/1235-movie–1-20-2020.html

  • Change letters in URL

This technology is least often used as a single one now. But even though they exist now, at the end of the link, a letter or several letters automatically changes, for example: http: //ww1.onlinestreaming.test/drama/1235-movie-xyz.html, after deleting the link address changes to http: // ww1 .onlinestreaming.test / drama / 1235-movie-btq.html

  • Add characters to a sub-domain URL

On top of all of the above technologies, this one has gained wide distribution and use in the second half of 2019 and continues to gain momentum. Examples of such URLs are: http: //ww1.onlinestreaming.test/drama/1235-movie.html, after removal the address changes to http: //ww2.onlinestreaming.test/drama/1235-movie-xyz.html and so on.

Now we have described only 4 ways to automatically change links, and now imagine that one site can use several simultaneous combinations of changing URLs? For example, the sub domain and date in the URL are changing, so the number of links leading to one title (film, series) can be counted in thousands! And if the site has at least 5 mirrors, then this is more than 5 thousand links, only one title.

We also want to note that our company has successful experience working with copyright holders of various types of content, including favorites, films, series, TV shows in different languages, in English, German, French, Spanish, Persian, we did not notice such a number of technologies Changing URL addresses, like Russian-language pirate sites. In this regard, we express our concern about the dynamics and aggressiveness of the development of technologies for pirate sites on the Russian Internet and encourage copyright holders to cooperate, our technologies are one step ahead 🙂