At the beginning of 2020, we can safely say that auto-piracy sites have already moved to a new level. Pirated sites and torrents increase the number of mirrors every day,
The anti-piracy company AXGHOUSE collects data based on practical experience in monitoring and removing copyrighted content on the Internet. For 2019, we kept track of the number of complaints sent
Movie Anti-Piracy
Do you face with movie stream piracy? Axghouse AntiPiracy have perfect automatic solution for you. Instant monitoring detect stream videoplayers links, download links, cyberlockers, torrents, pirate channels in messengers. We
Copyright protection tool for Stock Authors, Creative market/ Videohive/ Envato If you sale you digital products as well as Web Themes, Graphics, Templates, Add-Ons, 3D , eCommerce via Stocks, Creative