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January 10, 2019
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Automated Tools For Reporting Copyright
February 16, 2019

Can Axghouse Antipiracy remove stolen adult or porn content?

YES! We have professional & automated SEARCH tool and DMCA reporting.

Our service open for everyone who create and have copyrights for video, image and text content, so if you owner of copyrights, artist, film producer, content creator, content distributor or publisher and you want to remove stolen porn or adult content that posted without your permisson, let us know right away.

We have a great experience with fast and effective monitor and removal adult and porn content, we can search by

– keywords

– tags stolen content (title or artist name)

on streaming websites, video hosting, filesharing/cyberlockers, torrents via Google and Bing search.

Then the system notify website administrators, ISP for copyright infringement and Google de-index, this is usually enough to block more than 90% of stolen content and redirect users to official web pages.

If you already found stolen content and want to remove it, you can provide to us the links for the fast removal right away.

We can daily monitor new unauthorized shared links and send takedown notices, but if you want to do it by yourself, its possible:) we can give you managing access to our software for your direct managing, as you wish friend.



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